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A History of Successful Accident Cases

February 1, 2016 – Adam Mann

Successful Accident Cases | Hollywood, FL | Cohen & Cohen Law

When it comes to personal injury cases, our team at The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen has had the opportunity to represent a wide variety across the South Florida area. In fact, in our 45 years of business, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to represent more than 100,000 different cases, earning upwards of $100 million in recoveries for our clients.

And when you’re seeking the right attorney to handle your accident case, you want to feel confident that the ones you’re considering have a strong history of successes to show for. See a few of our team’s successes from over the years below, and feel confident that we can help achieve similar results for you or a loved one after an accident

S.B. vs. A. – $5 Million+

In this car accident case, plaintiff S.B. was a victim/backseat passenger of a high-speed collision that caused the driver’s vehicle to roll over several times, which rendered him paraplegic. The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen was able to obtain a $5 million-structured settlement for S.B. that would pay for benefits throughout his entire life, as well as any immediate funds necessary for him to begin attending college and purchase a home that has wheelchair accessibility.

A.G. vs. E.T. – $2.2 Million

This car accident case involved plaintiff A.G., who rear-ended an 18-wheel tractor trailer that had become disassembled on Interstate 95 in Broward County. A.G. passed away due to the serious injuries that resulted from the accident, but the tractor trailer’s insurance company refused liability. Cohen & Cohen fought the case and was able to obtain $2.2 million for the family as a result.

C.C. vs. J.D. – $275,000

In this case, C.C. was a passenger in a vehicle that was severely rear-ended by J.D. while traveling on a main road in Palm Beach County. The accident resulted in a T10 fracture for C.C., which required surgical intervention. Cohen & Cohen was able to obtain funds from J.D.’s insurance policy, which was $250,000.00, as well as C.C.’s underinsure motorists policy of $25,000.00, totaling to $275,000.

Let our results help assure you that our team has the experience, passion and expertise to effectively represent you or a loved one in an accident case. View some of our other past successes now or contact us online for more information.


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