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A New Form of Legal Representation – The Importance of Client-Attorney Bonding in Injury Law, With Adam Mann and Sarah Cohen, Lead Attorneys at Cohen & Cohen Law

June 13, 2023 – Adam Mann

A New Form of Legal Representation – The Importance of Client-Attorney Bonding in Injury Law, With Adam Mann and Sarah Cohen, Lead Attorneys at Cohen & Cohen Law

At the heart of South Florida’s most trusted injury law firm, Cohen & Cohen Law, is a simple yet potent belief: relationships matter.

Founded over half a century ago by Bernard Cohen and Irwin Cohen, this family-rooted firm has firmly held onto its tradition of prioritizing personal connections, both within the firm and with each client they serve. Faithful to its small-family-business roots, this law firm has been able to provide a level of personalized legal representation that remains largely unparalleled in the industry today.

Adam Mann and Sarah Cohen, lead attorneys at Cohen & Cohen Law, embody this client-centered ethos. They understand that personal injury is about more than just legal proceedings – it’s about individuals, families, and the rebuilding of lives.

“When you call Cohen & Cohen, the first person you are talking to besides the receptionist is your actual attorney,” Mann said. “Each of our clients has constant access to their attorneys through text, email, phone, or whatever works for them.”

This hands-on, personal approach to injury law is part of what makes Cohen & Cohen Law distinct. While their rich experience and record of success align them with larger corporate law firms, they remain, at their core, a family-oriented operation.

“Because we have been around for so long, people think that we are this large corporate firm, but when they come, they get surprised to see that they actually get to meet directly with their attorney,” Mann noted.

The close-knit nature of the Cohen & Cohen Law team amplifies this family feel.

“The average attorney that works at Cohen & Cohen has been with us for at least ten years,” said Mann. “So we are a pretty tight group united under one goal. That is to provide our customers with the best personalized legal representation.”

Their commitment to personalized legal representation is deeply woven into the fabric of this injury law firm, both in how they work with their clients and with each other.

“We do not treat clients like any other case. We build personal relationships with each client,” Mann reiterated. “It’s not like any other large firm where clients just become file numbers and do not get to talk with their attorneys. With us, it’s more personal.”

Sarah Cohen, who steps in when cases must go to litigation, echoes this sentiment, noting that when a new client is assigned to her, she immediately provides her direct contact information to her clients.

“Clients come to me only when their cases must go to litigation. When they come to me, they get my phone right away, and I am in constant communication with them from then on,” she said.

Moreover, the close relationships within the Cohen & Cohen team are also mirrored in their approach to clients. Sarah explained that honesty and trust are not just internal firm values. These principles form the backbone of their client relationships.

“All of our clients have their attorney’s cellphone numbers. We are very upfront with each client and communicate with them regularly to provide updates on their cases,” Cohen said.

The dedication of the Cohen & Cohen team to building personal relationships has not just been a critical factor in winning the trust of injury victims throughout South Florida but also a cornerstone of their business success.

Today, Cohen & Cohen Law is more than a law firm. It’s a sanctuary for those who have suffered a personal injury, where they are not just case numbers but members of an extended family, served by a team that genuinely cares about their recovery and justice.

As Cohen & Cohen Law continues to expand, it does so with a steadfast commitment to preserving its founding ethos while still adapting to the evolving legal landscape. This injury law firm has pledged to uphold their policy of providing each client with personalized legal representation.

Adam Mann and Sarah Cohen, alongside the dedicated legal team at Cohen & Cohen, vow to stay true to their roots, treating every client with care, compassion, and the highest standard of legal representation. Their commitment to personal relationships, authenticity, and the individual stories of their clients has cemented them as South Florida’s most trusted injury law firm.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,
With Artistic Initiative Agency

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