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Cohen & Cohen Case Study: West Palm Beach

October 18, 2016 – Adam Mann

Cohen & Cohen Case Study: West Palm Beach | Call 800-332-6436

After an auto accident in the West Palm Beach area, you might be looking for a local personal injury attorney to represent your case. But before you decide to hire any one firm, it’s important you feel confident knowing that the one you choose has helped people like you get the settlements they deserve and will help do the same for you.

See how our attorneys at The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen have helped victims with cases just like yours in the West Palm Beach area:

(Note: To protect the identities of our clients, the names have been changed, but the facts remain the same.)

Case Study: West Palm Beach

Sofia (the plaintiff) was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling eastbound on Old Boynton Beach Road in the left lane. At the same time and place, Victor (the defendant) was traveling directly behind Sofia. As the vehicle in which Sofia was a passenger in came to the red light at County Road 807, the vehicle came to a complete stop. Suddenly and without warning, Victor failed to pay attention and slammed into the rear of the vehicle in which Sofia was a passenger in. Victor was cited by the police officer for violation of Florida Statute 316.0925(1) for careless driving. There was significant property damage and both vehicles were eventually found to be a total loss.

Sofia was immediately treated on scene by Boynton Beach Fire Rescue. Due to the damage to the vehicle, she had to be cut out of the vehicle in order to receive medical treatment. She was transported to Bethesda Hospital where she was found to have sustained a T10 fracture as well as pleural effusion and pulmonary edema. Sofia was forced to undergo an immediate T9-10 laminectomy and discectomy with posterolateral stabilization. She underwent the operation as well as several months of recovery and physical therapy.

Unfortunately for Sofia, Victor only had an insurance policy of $25,000.00 for bodily injury. Her medical bills were approximately $295,000.00. In Florida, you are not required to have bodily injury coverage, which is the reason why it is very important to make sure that you purchased uninsured motorist coverage. Luckily, Sofia in this case purchased an uninsured motorist policy of $250,000.00. We were able to obtain the entire policy and negotiate the medical liens so that we could get the majority of the settlement to the Plaintiff for her pain and suffering. 

This is an example of why purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is so important. If Sofia had not purchased uninsured motorist coverage, she would have been left with $25,000.00 to cover $295,000.00 in medical bills.

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