Cohen & Cohen: A Half-Century Legacy of Family Culture and Employee Retention

August 24, 2023 – Adam Mann

In a world where job hopping has become the norm, Cohen & Cohen Law, one of the most recognized injury law firms in South Florida, stands as a beacon of successful employee retention. In the heart of Florida, this law firm, established in 1970 by Bernard and Irwin Cohen, stands out not just for its legal prowess but for its unique approach to employee retention.

Adam Mann, one of the lead attorneys in Cohen & Cohen, emphasizes that a commitment to employees and family-like culture is not just good for business but is the bedrock of a successful, enduring company.

Cohen & Cohen’s ethos, rooted in honesty, trust, and a familial atmosphere, has been instrumental in its success, and it separates them from the competition.

“It’s not your typical law firm environment,” said Mann during a recent interview. “There are no people yelling and getting in trouble. We foster a much more welcoming atmosphere.”

Treating employees like family is a Cohen & Cohen policy that applies from the very first day. This familial approach has not only fostered loyalty among the staff but has also contributed to the firm’s impressive track record, with over $500 million won for clients in settlements and verdicts.

“The last time we hired someone,” narrates Mann, “was about four years ago, and every person that has entered this firm is very compelled to stay because we treat them like family from day one.”

Cohen & Cohen’s approach to employee management is a blend of clear communication and flexibility. The firm has mastered the art of setting clear expectations and tasks for its employees, ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them.

This clarity, coupled with a relaxed work environment, has created a harmonious balance that promotes productivity without compromising employee wellbeing.

In an era where remote work has become the norm, Cohen & Cohen has embraced a hybrid work setup. Some employees work from home, some from the office, and others enjoy a mix of both. This flexibility has further enhanced the firm’s reputation as a desirable place to work, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to adapting to the needs of its employees.

But Cohen & Cohen is not resting on its laurels. The firm is in the midst of investing more in its employees, with a focus on leadership development and team-building exercises.

“Actually, we’re in the middle of making more investments,” reveals Mann. “We want to make everything better for our team members by enrolling them in leadership courses and implementing more team-building exercises within the company.”

As Cohen & Cohen looks to the future, the focus on employee development remains strong. The investments made in them are not just about improving the skills of their employees but about building a stronger, more cohesive team that can continue serving clients in the best way possible.

While the firm’s strategies may evolve, its commitment to a family-like environment and employee well-being is unwavering. This dedication to their staff is not just good for business; it reflects the values that have defined Cohen & Cohen since its inception over half a century ago.

Cohen & Cohen’s approach to employee retention is a testament to the power of a positive work environment.  Their story is a powerful reminder that treating employees like family, providing a flexible and relaxed work environment, and investing in their development is a winning strategy for both employee satisfaction and company success.

By Andre Larrea
With Artistic Initiative Agency

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