Debunking 5 Personal Injury Myths

February 21, 2021 – Adam Mann


After being in an accident and sustaining injuries, whether it be your fault or not, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, not everyone does so because of myths that have been told if you do decide to file a lawsuit. In this article, we will discuss 5 of those myths and why they are false.

 #1: It costs an arm and a leg to hire a good attorney.

Many people believe that if they file a personal injury lawsuit hiring a lawyer is expensive so either they wait it out or don’t file a lawsuit at all. However, that is not true. Many personal injury lawyers such as Cohen & Cohen, did not send you a bill unless recovery money is won from the lawsuit. 

#2: I don’t need to file a lawsuit my insurance company will cover it. 

Just because the insurance companies file the claim does not mean that they are responsible for paying the claims. Typically, you will hire a lawyer who will handle things with the insurance company. Some insurance companies will require you to prove your case against the party responsible before you file your claim. 

#3: People who file personal injury lawsuits are greedy.

This myth is a big reason why people dislike lawyers and why people avoid any type of litigation. They see lawyers as greedy opportunists who only care about the money they will receive and not about how their client is affected by what has happened. Also, that people who file a lawsuit are also greedy since they are apparently trying to earn easy money. 

#4: My injuries are minor so I will not get the compensation I deserve.

Individuals who have minor injuries believe because their injuries aren’t serious that they will not receive money, so they did not file a lawsuit. Your injuries might seem minor at the beginning but can reveal to be more serious later. Even if your injuries are minor, they can still be expensive to treat especially if you must go to physical therapy. According to VeryWell Health, with insurance physical therapy can be below $100 per session and without insurance it is $250-$350 per session. 

#5: Personal injury cases are unnecessarily long. 

People avoid filing a lawsuit because they believe it will take too long to settle. Even though sometimes found to be true, typically these cases don’t even make it to court since they are typically settled outside of court. 

If you or know of someone who has suffered injuries due to an accident, call Cohen and Cohen Law to speak with one of our experts today. 

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