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Do You Really Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

July 17, 2015 – Adam Mann

Do You Really Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident? Hollywood, FL | Call 800-332-6436

For many who’ve recently fallen victim to an auto accident, the question of whether to hire a lawyer or not frequently comes up when dealing with the aftermath. But regardless of your decision, you should know that you have rights under the law that prevent you from having to pay for someone else’s negligence. 

Hiring a trustworthy attorney to represent you can help ensure those rights are protected. While there are certainly things that can be handled easily without legal help, there are even more things that are complex and time-sensitive—and having legal assistance can make matters much easier for you to deal with.  Here are some top reasons to choose hiring a lawyer after an auto accident:

You might not fully understand all of your potential damages.

Many accident victims don’t realize the heaps of potential damages that can be applied to their cases. On top of medical costs, these individuals may be able to be compensated for lost wages, pain from an injury caused by the accident, emotional distress and much more. It’s crucial to have someone to explain these potential damages, as you might not even know they exist or that they could apply to your case.

Proving liability is often a complicated process.

Sometimes, even with witnesses and a police report that claims the other driver to be at fault, to prove breaching a duty of care due to negligence can be a difficult task to accomplish. Having an attorney who understands the ways to get you the recoveries you deserve will make your life much easier during this time.

If you miss a step or a deadline in the process, you may experience financial loss.

By not suing in time, suing for the wrong damages or suing with improper information, you may be banned from ever suing again. Plus, these wrong steps (and others) can cancel out any chance for receiving recoveries for your case, leaving you responsible for any medical costs, bills or other fees

Your insurance company might not have your best interest in mind.

Having auto insurance is certainly essential when it comes to covering damages from an accident. Most are designed to protect their policyholders and compensate them fairly for their damages. But when it comes down to it, insurance companies are businesses too, and they have to be mindful of how much money they’re dishing out so as to keep their costs low and reduce overhead. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon for an insurance company’s agenda to not line up with yours, and hiring a lawyer is a great way to mediate that.

There are different laws for different states.

Depending on which state you live in, there might be certain laws that apply to you that don’t apply to others. For instance, there are 12 states that have no-fault auto insurance laws, one of which is Florida. This means that under Florida law, it’s required that every vehicle owner and driver has $10,000 worth of PIP insurance coverage so as to cover certain costs associated with an accident (including medical expenses, lost wages or other damages), regardless of who was at fault. You might not be aware of this law, as well as others, and having a lawyer help explain how they apply to you makes the process much easier and more efficient.

If you choose to sue, there’s a limited time to do so.

Most states require you to file a car accident claim within one to two years, and if you don’t sue within that time, you’ll be unable to sue for that accident indefinitely.

At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we’re dedicated to helping make the aftermath of auto accidents simpler and less stressful for accident victims. Find even more helpful information and resources like this in any of our other blog articles online. You can also download our complimentary toolkit—How To Take Care of Yourself and Stay on Track After Your Car Accident—and discover materials like an overview of Florida car accident laws, a checklist of materials to have prepared for your lawyer, and many other helpful documents.

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