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The Keys to a Successful Partnership: Working with Your Lawyer

March 21, 2016 – Adam Mann

Keys to a Successful Partnership: Working with Your Lawyer | Hollywood, FL | Call 800-332-6436

Dealing with a personal injury lawsuit can be complicated—especially for you, the victim, who likely has serious mental, emotional or physical injuries and other damages to deal with on top of everything else.

That’s why working in tandem with your legal team is essential to a successful case for you. Here are a few key ways to ensure a strong partnership with your lawyer.

1. Be completely honest with your lawyer. 

The first step to a successful partnership is to be completely truthful when speaking to your lawyer. Give them all the facts. Even if they might seem irrelevant or shameful, letting your lawyer know about everything that happened before, during and after the accident will ensure every base is covered before the final settlement is agreed upon. You never know, something you may have thought to be your fault may have been the direct result of the defendant’s negligent behavior.


2. Provide him/her with all materials relating to your case.

Not only should you be giving your attorney the truth, you should also be handing over copies of your medical bills, police report, witness statements and other important documentation pertaining to the case. Taking the initiative to keep and provide this information will definitely give your lawyer all the tools necessary to represent your case as best as possible, which (in turn) increases the chances of a fair settlement for your damages.


3. Ask as many questions as you need to.

The next key to a great partnership with your lawyer is knowing that you can ask as many questions as you can think of in order to know exactly what’s going on with your case. Your attorney should be happy to share information with you to keep you informed and to let you rest assured knowing how your case is being handled.


4. Communicate openly and regularly.

This stems off the previous point. Regular, open communication keeps everyone of the same page and allows both of you to stay on top of deadlines, collect the right materials, etc. Communication is key in any relationship, but especially in one as important as this.


5. Trust your legal team and listen to their advice.

If you’ve hired a lawyer to represent you, you should let him or her take some of the weight off your shoulders (or most of it, really) by trusting in their ideas and beliefs. But don’t forget that this also means that you should trust your attorney enough to adhere to their advice or wishes. This includes everything from waiting to accept the first settlement check offered to you, to meeting every deadline, etc., in order to keep your case on track.

Give your case the best chance for success by building a strong relationship with your personal injury attorney. To learn more about setting up a free consultation with our team, contact us online today or call 1-800-33-COHEN.



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