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Roof Fall in Hollywood Left Him Struggling — Until Cohen & Cohen Secured a Life-Changing Settlement

May 13, 2024 – Adam Mann

Personal Injury Attorneys | Hollywood, FL | Call 800-332-6436

So on June 28, of 2022, I was helping a friend of a friend do something on his roof. And the ladder that I was on slipped  hitting me and crushed my foot. And I had to get three surgeries to correct it. And still in Paris by walking to this day, originally, I chose another law firm. And unfortunately, they couldn’t help me. And I contacted Cohen and Cohen. And right away, that same day, someone came up to my house and was able to take my case and help me out. The firm took care of everything. And so I was out of work for almost a year and you know, financially struggling and just kind of living day to day on credit cards, basically, you know, the law firm was able to settle my case and give me the money that I deserved. So I can, you know, live my life comfortably.

Every time I had a question, I would text a law firm and right away, I would get a response and know that, you know, my case was taken care of anytime there was any kind of status change or an update. I was informed right away. So I knew everything that was going on in the case. I would absolutely recommend this firm. They helped me when I thought all hope was lost. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that’s, you know, making money due to an injury or accident going up against insurance companies, not easy. It’s almost impossible. If you try to do it by yourself. You need to hire a professional to go after them and get what’s rightfully yours.

You know, Cohen and Cohen was absolutely amazing. And I have no no questions about it. That’s the right law firm for me.

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