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The Cohen & Cohen Difference

January 26, 2016 – Adam Mann

The Cohen & Cohen Difference | Hollywood, FL | Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer to represent your personal injury case can be challenging. There are a number of things to look for, including years of experience, number of cases won, years of service within the firm, and more.

But making this big of a decision depends on more than just the numbers. It also depends on trust, integrity and that simple feeling of it being just the right fit. That’s why The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen takes pride in addressing all those concerns and more for you right off the bat. And that’s The Cohen & Cohen Difference.

See The Cohen & Cohen Difference for yourself:

  1. 157+ Years of Combined Experience – One of the most important things to look for when choosing a law firm is a good amount of combined experience from the team.  This not only showcases each individual’s level of experience, but also the firm as a whole—ensuring that you are making the right choice. With more than a century and a half of combined experience, our team is confident in knowing how to handle your personal injury case effectively.
  2. 100,000+ Cases Won – Another thing to look for is the number of cases won. Because a firm’s success rate is important in determining your choice to go with them or not, it’s essential that the firm has a good track record for you to base your decision on. With Cohen & Cohen, you’ll find that we’ve won more than 100,000 since the start of our firm—a number you can count on to best represent your individual case.
  3. $100 Million in Settlements – The next thing to look for is how much the firm has helped acquire for their clients. This number will of course vary based on the amount of lawyers within the company, as well as the number of years it’s been in business. But generally speaking, there should be a significantly high number of money earned for their clients. In our case, we’ve been able to obtain $100 million in settlement money, which is great for clients to be able to start rebuilding their lives after a personal injury.
  4. 45+ Years Serving the South Florida Area – Years of experience is important, but another thing to look for is how long the firm has been serving a specific community. With Cohen & Cohen, we’ve been representing the South Florida area for nearly half a century, earning trust and credibility from personal injury victims throughout the area. Plus, our attorneys are admitted to practice in all Florida state courts and all federal courts that have jurisdiction in South Florida.
  5. Ongoing communication and availability – Perhaps what’s more impressive than high numbers and statistics in a law firm’s favor is their commitment to open communication with their clients. Cohen & Cohen is committed to keeping in touch with you and your loved ones every step of the way during this process. This includes free, 24-hour legal assistance and quality legal advice to help you get answers promptly.
  6. Your Best Interest in Mind – One of the most essential things to search for is whether or not the law firm has your best interest in mind or not. This can sometimes be tricky to detect, but one way we like to demonstrate it is with the guarantee that our attorneys will never collect any fees from a client unless a recovery has been obtained. Keeping clients’ best interest in mind and earning their trust are the root of our practice, so clients can focus on getting back to a state of normalcy while we focus on earning their recoveries quickly and effectively.


From impressive results and a team with many years of combined experience, to ongoing communication and a commitment to what’s in your best interest, our team takes pride in The Cohen & Cohen Difference. For more ways to learn about how we can help you with your personal injury case, contact us online or by phone at 1-800-33-COHEN today.


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