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The True Value of a Personal Injury Attorney

March 11, 2016 – Adam Mann

The True Value of a Personal Injury Attorney - Hollywood, FL - Call 800-332-6436

Until you’ve become the victim of a personal injury accident, it’s hard to know all the complexities that will likely come with your case. For many people who try to tackle their cases without legal assistance, they discover that there are often many intangibles that get missed or overlooked during the process, as this these individuals are typically dealing with this type of experience for the very first time.

That’s why it’s important to know how valuable a lawyer can be to you. Not only will this person have the skills and experience to handle all the legalities and technicalities of a personal injury, but he/she will also have the right connections within the community to make the whole process go quicker and easier (not to mention the dedication toward getting you as close to a state of normalcy again as possible).

Consider these items that a personal injury attorney can do for you while you focus on the emotional, physical or psychological damages that have incurred:

  • Contact insurance companies
  • Collect statements from witnesses
  • Find the right doctor for your medical damages
  • Gather documents from medical professionals
  • Procure accident reports
  • Speak with expert witnesses
  • Negotiate settlements
  • And much more

But more than all the little details, your lawyer will be there for you with every other aspect of the case, too. At The Law Firm of Cohen & Cohen, we believe this includes answering your questions whenever you need them to be addressed, offering 24-hour legal assistance, providing emotional support—and most importantly—being dedicated to having open and frequent communication with you.

The truth is, there’s a lot that goes into a personal injury case that many people don’t find out about until they’ve become victims themselves. And because insurance companies are generally more concerned about offering you a quick settlement (to deter you from taking further legal action) than caring about your overall well-being, it’s important to consider how much a lawyer could actually help you with your case.


Let an experienced and compassionate attorney handle all the details (as well as the big-picture items) associated with your personal injury case so you have the best possible opportunity to get the maximum amount of recoveries possible, as quickly as possible.

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