What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

December 19, 2016 – Adam Mann

By definition, a class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit in which a group of people with the same or similar injuries caused by the same product, action, person or entity, takes legal action as a collective group.

If you or a loved one believe they may have recently fallen victim to a class action lawsuit, it’s important to know what to do right away in order to get the recoveries you and the affected group rightfully deserve. Here are some answers to common questions you may think of while learning more about your potential class action lawsuit:


Who Can File a Class Action Lawsuit?

Generally speaking, any one person or small group who believes they have a valid case for this type of lawsuit may file one. However, there are specific requirements that have to be met in order to completely qualify. These include:

Number of People Affected

In general, there must be at least several dozen affected victims in order for it to be considered a class action lawsuit. Once the lawsuit has been filed, the judge will determine whether there were enough people affected for it to be considered a valid class action case or if it should be reclassified as an individual lawsuit. A personal injury attorney can help you assess your claims and provide professional legal advice for next steps.

Degree of Class Member Injuries

Another requirement of this type of lawsuit is that there must be proven damages that involve all class members. For the most part, they should all have suffered the same (or at least similar) injuries caused by the neglect, ignorance or purposeful actions of the defendant.

Representation of Class Members

The class members must also be properly represented in order to have a valid class action lawsuit. The attorneys hired by the person or people filing suit should have significant experience representing class action cases, in addition to complex litigation.


Although there are a variety of resources to help victims determine the validity of their claims, any professional and experienced personal injury attorney would be able to help confirm whether or not these claims meet the requirements for an actual lawsuit.


How Many People Must Be Affected to Have a Valid Case?

As mentioned above, anyone affected can initiate the lawsuit. However, they must be filed on behalf of everyone who suffered the same injuries or financial losses caused by the defendant. Typically, it requires at least a few dozen people with the same or similar damages to file one.


What Steps Will I Need to Take?

Do your research to answer the questions above for yourself, then contact a trusted personal injury law firm to help. There are many different practice areas that attorneys handle, so it’s good to know whether your claims fall within class action or not.



For assistance with your potential lawsuit, contact our team today to receive a free case evaluation. Or for even more helpful information about personal injury, download our complimentary e-book.

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