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What to Know Before Appearing for a Deposition

April 29, 2020 – Adam Mann

Preparing for a Deposition in Hollywood, FL | Call 800-332-6436

A deposition may be the only chance you get to state your side of the story before the case is settled. Learn how to prepare.

A deposition is very important in helping you to support your case after a car accident. In fact, it may be the only chance you get to state your side of the story before the case is settled, which most cases do before a trial.

It is important to prepare both alone and with your lawyer before your deposition. You can start by gathering the right information and materials for your car accident attorney. This will help you be able to discuss pertinent details of your case and allow your lawyer to prepare to present you in the best light. The better you do in your deposition increases the likelihood of a better case outcome.

During your deposition, you may be asked questions you may not fully understand. Do not hesitate to ask to rephrase or repeat so you can answer it with a clear understanding of what they want from you. If you don’t know the answer to a question, reply honestly and state that you do not. It is better to make it clear that you don’t understand something or do not know, rather than commit to an answer you are unsure about. It is also crucial that you wait for the lawyer to finish speaking before you begin to respond, and always respond vocally (no head nodding or other physical cues) so that the Court Reporter can transcribe your answer clearly.

Make sure you read every document and review any images or videos carefully with your lawyer before your court date. If you don’t understand anything, speak up about it, and clarify what you’re looking at with the lawyer before moving on.

If you feel the need to take a break or talk to your attorney, feel free to do so. It is well within your rights to take breaks from the deposition for mental health or to seek advice from your lawyer. Additionally, you can always add information to a prior statement, or correct something you previously said if you realize you made an error. What is most important is that you make sure the information you provide is 100% accurate.

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