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What to Prepare for Your Accident Attorney

March 6, 2020 – Adam Mann

What to Prepare for Your Accident Attorney | Hollywood, FL | Call 800-332-6436

Learn exactly what information you should gather and provide to your lawyer after an accident.

Car accidents can be stressful and even traumatic at times. The events following a car accident can be even more draining and even confusing for someone who is unfamiliar with the process. It’s in every driver’s best interest to know exactly what information they should gather and provide to their lawyer after an accident to help the legal process operate as smoothly as possible.

Information to Gather at the Scene of the Accident

Immediately after you’ve been involved in a car accident, take note of the other driver’s license plate, and if possible, take pictures of the accident from multiple angles. These pictures should include as much context as to the location and nature of the accident as possible. Additionally, you should attempt to make note of the other driver’s name, phone number, and any other notable form of identification.

If the police are called to the scene of the accident, they will create an accident report based on their initial impressions of the crash after arriving on the scene. This report will also include a diagram of other vehicles and pedestrians present at the site. This report is a crucial piece of information for your attorney, and you should ask the officer to present you with a copy of the report if possible. If you were given a ticket by an officer at the scene of the crash, present that to your attorney as well.

Other Pertinent Information

In addition to the information you can gather at the scene of the crash, it is recommended that you provide your attorney with other types of records as well. This includes your insurance policy, proof of insurance payments, and other relevant information regarding your insurance. If you sustained physical or psychological injuries as a result of a car accident, be sure to provide the medical records of your treatment. If you lost time from work as a result of a car accident, your attorney may be able to secure compensation for your lost income. Having evidence of your earnings both before and after an accident will assist your attorney in making this calculation.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, contact one of our Miami car accident attorneys today. Our team of professionals is ready to hear your case and help you seek the compensation you deserve.


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