From the Minds of the Cohen & Cohen Lawyers: Why We Got Into Personal Injury Law

May 25, 2015 – Adam Mann

When it comes to choosing a personal injury law firm, you should have full confidence that your firm is trustworthy and ready to represent your case with skill and integrity. We believe trust is earned through proven successes, excellent service and—most importantly—open communication, which includes getting to know our team just as much as we get to know you and your case. 

That’s why we wanted to share a little more about our key players Adam Mann, Donald Norton and Keith Goldblum, and explain a bit why these exceptional attorneys got into personal injury law in the first place. Here are their answers:

Adam Mann:

When I was in college, my mother was eating at a restaurant, when suddenly the ceiling caved in and fell on her, breaking her neck. There had been a leak in the roof that  was essentially ignored and never properly fixed, which caused the structure to deteriorate over time. Due to the negligence of this restaurant owner, I had to watch my mother go through much pain and distress that left me feeling helpless. The only person that was able to help her through those tough times (other than the doctors) was her attorney. After seeing what my mother went through, I decided to change my college major to legal studies so I could help people like her get the representation they deserve.

Donald Norton:

I originally applied for admission into law school because I wanted a law degree in order to attend the F.B.I Academy in Quantico, Virginia, for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. At the time I entered law school, I met Professor Mark Dobson at Nova Southeastern University, who taught a trial course. That’s when I knew trial law was what I wanted to do because it gave me the opportunity to help people, change their lives, and recover for them the compensation they deserve in very important cases. Only in a jury trial can true justice be obtained if insurance companies are not acting reasonably.

Keith Goldblum:

Even at the University of Miami School of Law, I was always interested in the area of torts and performed particularly well in this area of law relating to compensation for personal injury. I spent the first several years of my practice in court representing insurance companies against individuals bringing claims for their injuries. However, I decided that I would much prefer handling claims on behalf of those injured people who’ve suffered losses due to someone else’s negligence. I find that my background in representing insurance companies has been invaluable in representing individuals against insurance companies and at-fault parties, as I now have extensive knowledge as to how they operate and what factors they deem important in evaluating a claim. 

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