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Your boss doesn’t believe you are injured?

May 25, 2024 – Adam Mann

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We run into the issue a lot where somebody has a neck or back injury that you can’t see a broken bone or a cast or anything like that. And it’s just them saying My back hurts, I can’t do this. Their employers have needs that they have to have met in order to run their business. They either don’t want to believe you or they just don’t care to believe you and they want to force you to work through your pain. What we can do is we can help get the right doctors involved to get the right medical reports that we can send to those employers to show them that you are actually injured and that you can’t do that job that they need to find either something more of a light duty, a task that you can handle with your injuries or to give you the proper time off so you can rest and get better.

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